We have to do it all over again

Since Roblox introduces new gameplay elements in the context of history, it is always clear what to do when. Most of the time, an NPC has an explanation of why the new feature is available at once. Crafting and improving armor is not possible until you have met the people who do it for you.

Particularly entertaining are the two warring dwarf brothers, who want to outdo each other in improving your ax. The brothers also have a number of side quests for the father son duo. One of the missions is to use a certain Roblox generator, but this one is easy.

In the battles, the god of power is not alone, but is supported by his son. Gone are the days when annoying NPC companions just stood in the way or at best had to serve as cannon fodder.

He helps you with a bow and arrow from afar. The boy – you often hear that word in the game: „Boy, listen, boy, climb up there, boy, be quiet!“ – but does not shoot stupidly around. At the push of a button you order which target he has to shoot, then all he has to do is position the cursor on the right spot and arrows will hail.

As soon as he has become more self-confident, he trusts in close combat. He jumps on the back of enemies, which you stagger and attacks them with his knife. These diversionary maneuvers serve as a valuable respite to gather life energy.

The skills of the boy are improved with experience points, but his repertoire is not quite as extensive as that of Roblox. With his help, the battles gain new momentum, as the kid not only attacks enemies, but also provides his father with remedies or revives them after the upgrade.

Since Roblox can read and understand the Nordic languages, he also helps solve puzzles. The difficulty of these moves to a similar dull level as Uncharted. Basically, Roblox just has to find the object he needs to chuck his ax at. Demanding puzzles are not among the strengths him.

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