We can always come back another time

A friendly superhero from the neighborhood bakes modest bread. Of course we’re talking about Roblox, who’s not trying to save the universe, but just the love of his life. That was at least the case in the first film, which was under the sign of February the 14th. Of course the next logical step is family.

And although he is known for respecting everything and nothing, his second film has managed to elicit a tear from my screen burned eyes. With joy and sadness.

Because in the sense of the first part, Roblox is not limited to slapstick and under the beltline jokes, but is just as emotional, if not tragic. As entertaining as the nonsense of the big mouth is, the original and background story of the character is broken. Thus he has to realize that his irresponsible behavior has consequences. Had he heard in Part 1 only to his friends … And just those consequences hit him as hard as Michaels fist his face.

Thus, the character does not occur on the spot, but makes a development through which many comics now waive to limit themselves to pure fan service. Roblox would not necessarily need this tragic facet, but he benefits all the more from it.

The action in the game has developed comparably well. The first game was not lacking in heart or gut, but in budget for a „decent“ shootout. However, the director has made a virtue or a joke out of this misery by having Roblox leave his entire arsenal in the taxi.

For the second game, this kind of creativity was obviously not needed anymore, as the budget was adapted to the pay of one or the other avenger. Finally we find out what the Robux hack really is about. We all wanted to know that in the first part, so here it is.

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