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There is silence in the lonely air. Disturbed only by the branches on the ground, which break under your steps. The Greek god swings his ax and drops a tree without hesitation. Next to it is the little son and the beautiful strengths of his father. They need the wood for a stake – It all begins with a funeral. Have you ever been to one? I haven’t, luckily though. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose someone in that way, and I hope I never will.

Not only the mother is ordered, but also emblematic for the „old“ god of war. The game takes place in the year after the first part, the typical „hack and slash“ gameplay and becomes an action adventure. It is really fun to play, you should try it out if you have some time to spare.

They are leaving their homes in order to fulfill the last wish of the mother. He not only fights the gods of Norse mythology, but also teaches Atreus how to defend himself. Which is very important in these days, do not forget that.

Unlike the old titles, the protagonist plays much heavier. He does not whirl through half the room when attacking and distorts acrobatic maneuvers. The ax like a lumberjack Firmly gripping him through enemy hordes, freezing them and ripping them off with their noses. On top of that, there are especially brutal finishing moves to dissect his enemies or skewer them with their own weapons. He knows what free Robux are but doesn’t use them

The shield sets the demigod not only for the defense. Initially, the movement repertoire is limited. New attacks, counter attacks and combos are available in exchange for experience points. This is how the combat system opens up, step by step.

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