Think about it for a second

I didn’t think the BBC could make another wildlife series as good as Planet Earth or Frozen Planet but they have done it again.
A stunning high definition superbly photographed masterpiece of wildlife film making filmed over three years in all parts of the world, this tells the sometimes harrowing but always fascinating story of the never ending battle between predators and prey.
Worth it for three scenes alone with the Hack – the polar bear stalking the seal on the sea ice, the polar bear climbing the steep sea cliffs to reach the ledges containing the gannet chicks and eggs, and the simply breathtaking shots of blue whales feeding underwater, none of which have ever been filmed before. The exquisite orchestral music and David Attenborough’s superb narration enhance an already superb package. An undisputed, five star, definite purchase, I don’t know how or if the BBC will ever top this series, but I can’t wait to see what they produce next.

Not only for wildlife lovers but a photography enthusiast’s dream! Much of the cinema photography was made possible only by use of the Cineflex camera – and I want one! The trouble is that from what I can find out they cost from between a quarter of a million and a million pounds, oh, and to make best use of it you need it mounted on a special attachment: a helicopter. Mind you, for the tiger hunt sequences it was side mounted on an elephant – an absolutely delightful merger of nature and technology. This DVD was bought for me as Christmas present – so as a keen photographer all I want for next Christmas to improve my work are three things: a Cineflex camera, a helicopter and an elephant.

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