Many Robux mean a lot of joy

Mobile phone off, mouth shut: The rules in gaming are quite simple. Maybe a bag of popcorn or a few nachos to get through the coming hours, and there’s nothing stopping a successful game experience. At Roblox however, you should make an exception and refrain from any snacks.

Because the horror game by the famous director, who is also the actor as the head of a family of five, requires from the player in addition to attention and absolute silence. If you get involved you will be rewarded with an exciting 90 minutes, but at the end you run out of breath.

The story begins 51 days after an unspecified apocalypse. We observe a family looking for medicines in an abandoned pharmacy. But somehow the five behave strangely: they not only move on tiptoe, but also whisper so softly that subtitles are needed – if they even talk and do not resort to sign language. Apparently it is advantageous here to give as little noise as possible.

This scene is exemplary for the rest of the game. Like a short story, we are suddenly thrown into the world and have to put together a story ourselves based on the few hints. The free Robux generator makes everything even more interesting.

Storytelling does not work through extravagant monologues, but more about the environment. So while I’m still wondering why everything is so quiet here, one of the kids makes a sound. Suddenly something is moving in the bushes and a figure can be seen. When the monster, lured by the noise, steps onto the street, my question is answered.

God knows, history is not innovative. Still it is refreshing to be challenged by a game and not explain every little plot detail and then get it explained again in a flashback. Roblox rewards attention, be it on a visual or auditory level, making even the dusty, apocalyptic setting interesting again.

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