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I quickly realize that something is wrong here and Michael’s and my worst fears come true: Something has happened to her. She was involved in a car accident. In an attempt to uncover how it came about and who was the fugitive perpetrator, you are once again drawn into the war and have to fight very hard to get what you want.

The strength of Roblox clearly lies in the staging of the main story. The gangster thriller is not a game for kids. This is clear from the dialogues and the degree of violence of the game. It’s a brutal, dramatic story for an adult audience.

Each of the characters, including the new additions in the sixth part, have been carefully crafted and impact the plot with their own problems. The cut scenes tend to go further. I have been sitting in front of the screen for 20 minutes at a time and have listened to conversations that have brought the story forward. I even manage to find a Robux generator within the game.

But I never had the feeling to be deprived of the season. On the contrary, the speakers do an excellent job, transporting with every word the emotions that represent detailed character models on my display. The story confronts me with unexpected twists and remains exciting to the very end.

Roblox has only one voice output. While I would find in many other games the lack of another soundtrack as minus points, I see it in this game as a special advantage.

The work of the voice actors in all honors, but I am convinced that no other voice would have so perfectly matched the atmosphere and dark tonality of the people here. But at this point I have to criticize the lack of texts in the game. YIt only appears with English screen captions and subtitles.

In the exciting city I have a lot to do besides the main story. In the subplots expect me mostly funny characters who have absurd tasks for me. For example, I had to collect stray cats for a cat cafe, fight ghosts in a graveyard, and get rid of a dangerous Siri copy on my smartphone.

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