It was not easy to get here

I love games that not only leave me satisfied in the end, but at the same time do not necessarily give me what I want. The following game I am presenting to you did just that. I can not praise this game enough, it did something many other games couldn’t do.

In his final appearance, the main character has to reveal all sorts of intrigues to fulfill his wish and that of his daughter: to lead a normal life without doing any harm to other people.

The storyline builds on the end of the last game, which was amazing by the way. You really do not have to play the predecessor. The events are cut in the story and in the menu there is a summary of all previous games. But if you know the series, you’ll meet many familiar faces. It always brings a smile to my face when I suddenly see them. Often you will find a free robux hack within the game, which you can then use for you pleasure.

Be warned in the following text before slight spoilers. The plot points, which I call concrete, all play out in the prologue.

A quick review: At the end of the last game his foster daughter announces the end of her career at a live concert. She just wants to live a normal and peaceful life with her father, one of Korea’s most notorious people out there.

However, her wish is not fulfilled for the time being, because her dad ends up in jail at the beginning of the game. In order to fulfill her wish, he pays three years for his deeds. After this time the story finally begins. The main character realizes after his release that the pulling daughter has disappeared from the ground.

His despair and worry are almost self absorbed. I rattle off all the contacts in Hong Kongs’s fictional district to learn about her whereabouts. With each conversation mingling with the joy of seeing old acquaintances worry about her well being.

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