Getting better should be your goal

Visually, especially the sea in Roblox has fascinated me with the waves. This not only looks beautiful, but can also be a danger. When the sea rages, my galleon is barely under control. In a storm on the high seas, it also happens quickly that lightning holes in the shell beat and fills the interior faster with water than my crew is loving.

Suitably, the islands with the beaches and the tropical green are suitable for virtual postcard motifs. The developers have designed each island by hand, so that each small landmass in the game differs. Unfortunately, the fantastic game world does not deceive the fact that there is hardly anything to discover on the islands.

I was bitten by serpents, went overboard, and was transported to the dead ferry more than once by the saber of an enemy player. And the same fate has overtaken many others by my hand. The Roblox robux generator does not thrill you with the quests that always send me on the same missions or the grind for gold for cosmetic content. Roblox excites me, especially when I’m delivering sea battles with other players with my friends to sink the enemy ship and sell their treasures at the dealers. Interaction with other players is the key element of the pirate adventure – whether the co-op or the fighting on the high seas. In the current version, Roblox fails in terms of long-term motivation – it simply does not exist. But the game is suitable for a few entertaining co-ops and relaxed hours after work. Although the game description speaks of „1-4 players“, who prefers to play alone, better keep away from it. Roblox is dull and frustrating in solo mode. Whether the publisher can build on the solid base, will show in the coming months.

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