When will I receive my Robux?

Usually the generated amounts of Robux should be added to your account immediately after completing the survey. However, this can also take a few minutes, so stay patient. If you still haven’t received your Roblox after 15 Minutes try using the Generator again and make sure to enter the right information. If that doesn’t help contact us and we will help you out.


I heard many people saying that Hacks contain viruses, is this true?

No this is totally wrong. To use our Generator you don’t need to download anything, since it is working on a cloud based server. So there is no way you could get viruses on your device. You can also download the Generator on your device, we can guarantee it is absolutely safe.


Can I use the Hack on any device?

Yes you most definitely can. We optimized this Hack for mobile devices with iOS and Android, and for every operation PC system. So you should be fine.


Will I get banned for exploiting the game?

If they catch you, you most definitely will. But to prevent this from happening we have created a bullet proof Anti-Ban Script, which makes it impossible for our Hack to be discovered.


If I want to download the Hack, how big is it?

It’s not really big, the size of the file is 421 KB. A very small but impressive tool indeed.