Do it three times in a row

Playstation VR fits a movie like Roblox about escaping into virtual worlds like fist in the eye. At least the concept of virtual reality is harder to sell than other people might think.

The dislike of the director against the modern superhero cinema is no secret. So it comes as no surprise that he chooses a template for the return to the science fiction genre, which smashes the audience all the big names and characters of the last 50 years of pop culture. All with one goal: to create the ultimate hymn of praise to the past 50 years of fantasy cinema, comics and video games.

Already the first teaser let one suspect one thing: The production was a license nightmare for the studio. The director conjures the debut work of author with a lot of CGI and dystopian music of the future on the screen.

This idea comes true when the film clarifies in the intro why the humanity of the future prefers to immerse itself in the virtual reality Oasis, rather than solving the problems of reality: society has lost the real fight against everyday problems.

What remains is the merit of virtual credits, living in slum like and overcrowded high rise settlements and the daily visit of the Oasis. Every user can be there, who or what he wants.

The plot of the film is quite simple: an Easter egg has been hidden in Oasis since the death of its creator. Those who solve three challenges not only get the Easter Egg, but also the key to the virtual world and thus become the ruler of a gigantic empire.

Roblox Hack 2019 lives from his characters, with whom one sometimes identifies more and less often. Absolutely incomprehensible is the development of the two main virtual characters and their human cases.

Already at the first meeting he raves about the mystical heroine in typical fanboy style. But with big steps it becomes clear that the two figures are coming closer.

Shortly before the end the other guy even speaks of love. A development that, parallel to the fast action, does not work. In the illustrated digitized and networked society, the term love comes too suddenly.

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