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The underlying issue is the game’s setting. It is taking place in a high school, even if they weren’t all rich they still have a safety net. It is basically impossible to get serious from here on. The bets being made don’t mean anything than a nonsense. Without going to far into the spoilers, in the whole game we find a way to keep everybody safe. Which is very boring if you just think about it for a minute. We never actually see anything bad happen, even if it is being mentioned. Another important aspect is strategy. To set up everything perfectly is only half the excitement. After that you only have to figure out how they cheat. They will do everything they can to put fortune in their favor. But where it really gets exciting is when the bad guy pulls something up his sleeves. Diving into the minds of legendary players and see them go through their thoughts is interesting. It is a shame that it is just not being executed well. Break the game with the Robux Hack on our site. More often than not we see matches from the perspective of your opponent. We quickly learn that there is no point in learning the strategy of it all, because some guy will just come out of the blue and solve it all. Before the game even starts it is clear who’s the winner. I worry that this kind of game encourage other weak games to be made. It has everything which the other ones were lacking. Yes it allows for a great story with fun gameplay and you should appreciate this. One of the smartest decision we ever made was to give it a try. What if we never did? We would never found out the result, even if we did fail we would know about what went wrong. It can not get unnoticed anymore, you have to open your eyes somehow. Finally you are able to swim across the ocean if you like. Interacting with your crew will make missions easier, so don’t take them for granted.

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